Collext is an AR innovator that creates a parallel virtual world by mapping from the real world.
It is a place where physical reality and virtual reality can merge parallelly and natives can own the space, plug in business, create, trade, work, play, and socialize.
Collext aims to offer  a spatial  tech solution  to bridge the real and virtual world.
City DAOs will be created for each city that onboard its MR version. Digital Identity and Fiat exchange will be part of the ecosystem.
Apps will be plugged - in, the unique monetization model will be provided to tracker all activities.
The dedicated mapping technology, SIVE protocol, will be used to realize a community-owned and fully open High-Definition Map of Earth, which will be an important infrastructure for all apps.
Collext  scans and creates the high-definition maps of the earth in a 1:1 ratio with its Spatial Computing and AI Deep learning Computer Vision technology.
Any user anywhere can freely visit this open world of Reboot World and enter the same space via different terminals (VR/AR/Mobile/PC). People, in reality, can see different virtual worlds with AR.

Collext in Qatar

Collext is creating a digital twin world which is mirrored 1:1 from the real world in Qatar.
Collext has scanned and built digital twin of the World Cup's stadiums and Qatar's landmarks, providing interactions during the World Cup including but not limited to:
• Digital Ads/ products will be added to the Metaverse, Fans will be able to
interact with all the digital features while they are in the stadiums.
• Fans are able to upload their photos and videos to the AR world to support their teams and players
• Real time bullet screen comments
• Audiences are able to watch game highlights


Scan physical world (Scanners own 5% of the map)
Build a 1:1 high-definition spatial map
Map auction (On sale or rental)


Create parallel world
Web3 creators can plugin all forms of virtual business
Web2 vendors can render their physical business
Various of activities will be hosted accordingly


Users can explore the Collext Metaverse through different terminals
Different features will be unlocked after certain level
All engagement with physical or virtual business will be rewarded

Current Applications
Art/NFT Marketplace
Geographic location based NFT launching, minting and trading.
Virtual Advertisement
Traceable out-door advertisement for prompting.
Immersive Game
FPS, move2earn and
treasure hunting game in a specific real location.
Explore in the Collext world using staking, minting and exchanging.

Are you ready for the original digital collections of the 2022 Qatar Football World Cup?